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I am a proud endorser of Godin guitars and basses. I've been playing their instruments for far longer than I've been one of their artists. I'd play them even if I didn't have a deal with them.To me they're the perfect mix of new mixed with classic mixed with affordable.

I've also been using Elixir strings on almost all my basses for the last few years, and recently switched to their new Stainless strings on my #1 bass.
I love them! I'm not saying that because I have some sort of deal with them, in fact I don't have an endorsement with Elixir at all, I'm just so happy with the new strings that I'm telling everybody!
The only basses that don't use Elixir strings are the ones strung with flatwounds.(if Elixir had flats, I'd use them too) 

Here's a breakdown of my bass gear (pics coming soon!)

My Bass rig consists of:

Amplification and effects:
Eden WT400 head
Eden 410xlt
Eden 210MBX
Genz Benz Shuttle Max 3.0 combo
Hartke 3500 (2 of them)
Boss ME-50B

My #1 go to bass is a Godin RG4 Passion Bass

Godin Shifter 5

Godin Shifter 4
Godin Freeway 5 (prototype in  blue sparkle finish)
Godin Freeway 5 flametop with A5 fretless neck
Godin SD5 bass quilted maple top
Godin A5 fretless with Synth access

Kala SUB Bass
1990 Fender Precision Plus
Fender reissue '51 Precision
L'Arrivee LB-2 Fretless
Danelectro 6 string bass
Menzel 3/4 Upright bass
Beaver Creek Acoustic bass

Odds and Ends:
LM Straps
Leem Cables
Fishman Tuners

godin 3